DF300B New Addition to the GEKI Series

Picture of DF300B New Addition to the GEKI Series

Suzuki proudly announced the launch of the DF300B on the 23rd of August, 2019.
This is the 3rd addition to the GEKI series that now consists of the DF350A, DF325A, and the DF300B.
DF300B meets the requests from customers who couldn’t experience Suzuki’s unique Dual Propeller System due to the horsepower regulation of their boat rating.
The DF300B makes the perfect match for heavy boats with the combination of the Suzuki Dual Propeller System and the Suzuki 2-Stage Gear Reduction.
This month, this exciting new model was displayed at the Southampton Boat Show, Cannes Boat Show, Genoa Boat Show, and the La Rochelle Boat Show.

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